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About Our Garage Door Services

At Garage Door Service & Sales, we’re proud to serve not just our friends and neighbors in beautiful Northern Colorado, but also in the neighboring states of Wyoming and Nebraska. We’ve been in business for over three decades, and our business began in a small single car garage in Loveland.

wooden residential garage doors

We Believe Our Customers Deserve the Best

During that time, we’ve traveled an awful lot of miles and worked on even more garage doors. Our teams have done their jobs in sweltering heat, bone-chilling cold, during dark nights, and beautiful days. They have installed custom doors attached to multi-million dollar mansions and repaired doors for houses in humble neighborhoods. They make it a point to carry hard-to-find parts just in case a customer might need it, and arrive at a job prepared to finish it the same day.

We’ve done all of that because we believe in a simple code. We believe that our customers deserve the best workmanship and the widest variety of parts. We believe in pricing that’s reasonable and fair. We believe in providing service quickly, in many cases on the same day a customer contacts us. We believe, by doing all of that, we’re not only providing a quality business but also making our community a little bit better.

To all of our customers, past, present, and those yet to come, we say thank you.

Get a Beautiful, Professional, Custom Garage Door!