When your garage door is damaged, can you get it repaired or should you replace it?

Most people don’t want to spend more money than they have to, and if you are looking to save more, you’d probably rather opt for garage door repair instead or garage door installation when possible. Although many issues relating to your garage door can be repaired, there are some that require you to replace it altogether. If you haven’t already, check out our last blog to learn about a few signs that you need garage door repair. The following is a list of signs that your garage door in Fort Collins needs to be replaced:

#1. The door is damaged beyond repair.

While most issues can be repaired, some damage is so severe that you’d be better offer simply replacing the door. Here are a few indicators that your garage door is damaged beyond repair:

  • The wood on your door is rotting.
  • Your door has multiple missing panels.
  • Your door has deformed or dented sections that prevent it from opening and closing smoothly.
  • Your door has misaligned panels.
  • The damage makes the door sit unevenly on the floor.
  • Your garage door is rusty.

#2. Your garage door doesn’t keep your home secure.

Your garage door helps to protect your vehicle and your belongings, but it can’t do that if it isn’t up to par. A secure garage door should not be easily opened with moderate force and it should fit snugly in the frame. If your garage door doesn’t meet the criteria for a secure door, it’s time to purchase a more secure option.

#3. Your garage door is hurting your curb appeal.

When you look at most houses, garage doors tend to be some of the first things you see. Even if your garage door is working like a charm, if it looks old and worn, it could be hurting your curb appeal. Not only could new garage door installation instantly make your home look better, it could also add value to your home!

Some garage door issues can be repaired, while others require replacement. However, whether the answer lies in garage door repair or replacement, you’ll be glad to know that Northern Colorado’s number one garage door company, Garage Door Service, has your back. We’ve been providing garage door services in the area since 1984, and we proudly offer senior and military discounts, as well as free quotes. Contact us today to get your estimate!