Are you having trouble getting your garage door to open or close?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are Garage Door Service, and we are your premier source for garage door installation and repair in Loveland and the surrounding areas. We have dealt with many garage doors that just won’t open, and in our last blog, we went over a few of the possible reasons why this problem occurs. Here are a few more possible reasons why your garage door won’t open:

#5. The track isn’t properly aligned.

The metal track that your garage runs on keeps it running smoothly and safely. However, the metal tracks can get misaligned over the years, and the weight of your garage door can make the problem even worse if it is not taken care of promptly. This can make your garage door dangerous to operate. Visually inspect the metal track to watch out for bends or gaps.

#6. The disconnect switch is on.

Every garage door opener has a disconnect switch that allows you to manually operate the door in case of a power outage. If you hear the motor running in your garage door opener, but the door won’t open or close, then this switch has probably been enabled and needs to be disabled before you can use the garage door again.

As you can see, there are many things that could be to blame when your garage door won’t open. Don’t attempt to make any repairs on your own. Stay safe by relying on the experts at Garage Door Service today!