When you go to open your garage door and nothing happens you may reach right for the phone and call Garage Door Service. That’s fine, we are happy to come out and get it working properly for you! We don’t want you to pay for a service call you don’t need. To that end, we have some troubleshooting tips for you to go through to make sure it’s not something you can fix for yourself.

Do You Have Power?

  • The garage door opener is electrical and so it’s always a good place to start to make sure that the power hasn’t gone out.
  • If you are in the garage, trying to get out, it will be easy to know if the power is out; but if you are driving up to the house, especially during daylight hours, you’ll have to go in the house to find out.
  • It could be that a breaker was thrown and you just have to turn it back on, or there may be an area outage.
  • If you are using a remote control from your car, you can check the batteries to make sure that you don’t need just a few new batteries to get you back in business.
  • Also, just to be sure, check the plug on the roof of your garage, they can come unplugged. If someone was recently working in the garage, that might be the case.

Check back for our next blog that will have even more troubleshooting ideas for you to run through before calling. We service, maintain, and replace garage door for residential homes and commercial businesses.