You may think of your garage door as a friendly presence in your garage. It keeps your car free from snow and hail, and most have a motion sensor to keep children and pets safe. You might be tempted to think that when something goes wrong with it, you can fix it yourself. There are some compelling reasons you should not attempt to do so. We’ll cover those reasons in this week’s blog.

Who Gets Hurt

  • According to the national Electronic Injury Surveillance System, which is part of the Consumer Product Safety Commission collects data on injuries, there are approximately 10,580 injuries caused by garage doors every year. One might think that children are the ones getting injured by garage doors, but no, adults over 25 are more likely to be injured than children. 60 percent of the injured are men and 40 percent are women. Injuries that require a trip to the hospital are mostly  finger related,but the second most injured body part is the head and that’s not a risk you need to be taking.

How Do They Get Hurt?

  • One key component to any garage door is the spring. These large springs hold a lot of tension and potential energy that can release on your body. It is important to know the correct way to handle and loosen a spring to replace it so no injury is caused. The highly trained technicians at Garage Door Service in Loveland have the training and the experience to avoid injury.

Stay safe by calling the professionals at Garage Door Service today for repair, maintenance or replacement of any garage door.