We are the garage door repair service and installation experts to call if you need an existing door repaired or a new door installed. We make getting your garage door repaired easy and can make your house look great with a new or custom garage door.

Our blog will cover every conceivable topic when it comes to garage doors but, but really all you need to know is who to call when your garage door isn’t working.

We have been in business for 32 years, and have seen what we assume is every problem that can crop up with garage doors, furthermore, we’ve repaired garage doors in every weather you can experience here in amazing Northern Colorado. Our service area covers the Northern Front Range and out onto the plains: this includes Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, and up to Cheyenne. We’ve even traveled to Kansas and Nebraska!

Among our goals are: to have your great looking garage door functioning properly and leave you with a great impression. Customer service is a priority to us, and we do more than talk about it. For instance, we stock our service trucks with a wide variety of parts so that you can get the repair you need when you need it, not after our technician drives back and forth to the shop. Of course, we can’t carry around every single part, but from our experience, we know what the most frequently required parts are.

If you are in need of garage door service or need a brand new garage door, call the experienced professionals at Garage Door Service