1. Your Guide to Garage Door Scams and How to Avoid Them

    Don't fall prey to a garage door repair scam this holiday season! If you've had a chance to read our last blog, then you already know that many crimes are committed at higher rates over the holiday season and that new garage door opener technology can actually help you prevent a burglary in your home. Unfortunately, burglary isn't the only crime that is committed more frequently over the holidays;…Read More

  2. Why is Your Garage Door so Noisy?

    Have you been living with a noisy garage door? Are you worried about waking up the entire neighborhood when you open or close your garage door early in the morning or late at night? No one wants to live with a noisy garage door. Noisy garage doors are downright embarrassing, not to mention annoying, and if you've been living with a noisy garage door, it's time to call in the experts at Garage Door…Read More

  3. Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

    There's nothing more frustrating than a garage door that won't open. For most people, the whole point of having a garage in the first place is to have a safe spot to store and protect their vehicle. However, your garage is only convenient for storing your vehicle if you can open and close the door easily. Whether you are trying to get to work in the morning or coming home at the end of a long day,…Read More

  4. Top Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

    Your garage door opener won't last forever, and there are many reasons why you may need to replace it. Most people don't give a second thought to their garage door opener unless there is a problem with it. However, as it is the single biggest moving part in your entire house, it's important to pay attention to it. Knowing when to replace your garage door opener and take advantage of garage door in…Read More

  5. Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door? Part 2

    When your garage door is damaged, can you get it repaired or should you replace it? Most people don't want to spend more money than they have to, and if you are looking to save more, you'd probably rather opt for garage door repair instead or garage door installation when possible. Although many issues relating to your garage door can be repaired, there are some that require you to replace it alto…Read More